You are welcome at Ham & Jam

& how we get where we are

We are really passionate about supporting local merchants, Lancashire produce and British produce. Ham and Jam are the three words that have helped us evoke our passion for local and regional British independent products. During the historical D-Day Normandy landings in 1944 these three words ‘Ham and Jam’ evoke the quiet British heroism of British forces on D-Day better than any other. These three important words were the secret code for victory during an important capture of ‘Pegasus Bridge’ by 400 British soldiers against 12000 enemy soldiers that marked an historic victory for the British forces in Normandy. We loved the code name ‘Ham and Jam’ that was used. We felt it is so ‘unassumingly British’ and something that makes you feel proud of your history and heritage that we had to name our coffee shop ‘Ham and Jam’. We firmly believe in supporting ‘local’ suppliers and this sentiment is our overall business philosophy


Relaxed Atmosphere

Our main strapline at Ham and Jam is ‘A welcome retreat from a busy life’.  We offer the people of Preston a whole new, exciting, friendly and refreshing coffee shop experience. Working closely with local Preston based small medium enterprises we offer a bright, well designed interior that is spacious and comfortable.

Eat & tweet!

We have space to “chill out” from shopping or sightseeing in the City and for those that just want to grab and go! We offer accessible Wi-Fi to ‘eat and tweet’, comfortable seating and a varied menu that caters for a variety of needs by offering real choice quality fresh local ingredients.  We welcome all sections of the community; from the busy city professional, students, families and the breast feeding mother.  Ham & Jam will establish itself as a real part of the wider city centre community, making links with Preston’s cultural offer and events calendar especially in the Northern Quarter of the city.

Find Us In The Northern Coffee Guide

We’re so happy to have been featured in the Northern Independent Coffee Guide which is “your passport to a world of speciality coffee across the North of England.” We find this to be a high honour and great seal of approval so if you love a good coffee you know we come highly recommended!






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